1326 Premium



Featuring intense aromas that recall floral notes such as red roses, fruit flavors such as plums and raspberries, and spices such as white and black pepper.
An exceedingly concentrated purple color along with a remarkable violet tone that is characteristic in this varietal.
Good-bodied with an interesting anthocyanin composition and gentle tannins to make a pleasant taste.

Drink between 18 and 20 ° C.

Pairing: this wine is best suitable for pairing stuffed pasta with thick tomato sauce, mushrooms, hard cheese, beef pastries, or stews.



Known for its dense and aristocratic tannins, its deep, ruby-shaded color with black overtones, its complex fruit aromas that recall red fruits, among which plum, raspberry, blackcurrant, and black fruits such as blackberries can be found, this wine is known for possessing a remarkable black olive aroma that is characteristic in this variety, as well as possessing spicy notes such as those of ginger, clove, and green bell pepper.

Drink between 18 and 20 ° C.

Pairing: Mainly red meat, stuffed bell peppers, and stews. Ideal for grilled meat.